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Our vision is to innovate and breed the full assortment of papaya to fulfill and serve the Organic and Conventional markets pan-world.


Our mission is to empower our farmers to raise their standard of living. We intend to do this by guiding our farmers on the right techniques of cultivating and marketing papaya to reach the right customer. Also to cultivate high quality papayas, both in terms of taste and color to make them market leaders and first choice of consumer

About Ecosynk Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2010, (previously Ausecowell now Ecosynk) Ecosynk Agrotech Pvt Ltd is the authorized venture in India from Aus Papaya, an Australian Agro tech company. Our sole objective behind starting this venture is to offer best quality papaya from world’s best breeder.We source the best breed of papaya from the well-known papaya production places in the world and make them available for our farmers. The next step we follow is to meet farmers on their field and guide them on techniques of how to cultivate these papaya breed in the best possible way so that the outcome is world’s best papaya.

We offer relentless support to our farmers, both in terms of technical know-how and farming awareness, so that they develop a confidence that the resultant papaya will become preferred choice of customers, leading to a higher demand and a higher ROI to them. We foster strong relationship with farmers and provide them support in regards to technology transfer and technical assistance. We provide very promising varieties of papaya which is sure to yield world-class quality of papaya, thus enabling farmers to get higher returns on their produce.

In our endeavor to provide best quality papaya, we focus on organic production of papaya under strict agro-technical methods. One of the significant features of the Papaya variety that we provide is it has a high tolerance against PRSV Virus, which is otherwise the biggest threat for papaya production. Our papaya variety is the world’s strongest against PRSV, and it gives farmers a sense of peace that his hard work will not get damaged due to a virus attack.

We believe that farming has the potential to impact the economic development of our country and hence we make every effort to selflessly contribute towards it. We foresee smiles on the face of our farmers and wealth and prosperity in the life of our farmers and their fellow-villagers.

Why Ecosynk

You have numerous reasons to work with Ecosynk and get insights into how to grow world’s best Papaya.

Research and experience

We take pride when we say that our Papaya varieties are not just the result of an overnight research, but they are a result of our relentless fact-finding and years’ of experience that has helped us to come up with such a variety.

The result is clear; we have developed varieties of papaya that is much improved, uniform, high yielding and has wider adaptability. Not to mention the benchmarks of quality where it is at par with international standards.

Strongest PRS virus tolerance

The most common virus found in Papaya is the PRS i.e Papaya Ring Spot Virus. Once the Papaya production gets infected from this virus, it becomes tough to manage the crop. 90% of papaya farming is suffers from its attack and little can be done to mitigate the impact.

All the more, it is contagious, so if one tree gets infected with it, others have a high chance to catch the virus attack. But, our team of experts and farmers have researched and developed varieties of Papaya which are internally tolerant against PRSV.

We have used techniques backed by research and introduced a variety of papaya that can still manage the harmful impact of PRSV. There is only one way to stay away from the threat of PRSV and that is to grow papaya variety which has high tolerance against PRSV like Iceberry and greenberry.

A fruit for everyone

We have always been committed to produce a variety which is not only good in nutritional value but tastes great too! And we are glad that the papaya that grows in our farms is a perfect blend of nutrients and taste. It is loaded with health benefits and comes in red color and fine aroma that mesmerizes everyone who eats it. Our papaya has a 14-16% Bricks (Sugar) level that is ideal for anyone, the sugar in it is not detrimental to anyone’s health. Its sweet taste fascinates the consumer and it is liked by those who have a fine taste for texture of papaya and its sweetness. Since it is in demand, the vendors can also sell it for higher price, eventually benefitting the farmers Better yield, higher production; easy saleability Our papaya grows on trees which have a longer life, more than 22-24 months, hence the yield is much superior than the usual papaya variety. And the papaya quantity that grows is also higher than the normal one; hence it is a great investment for farmers to buy different variety of Papaya seeds from us.

Easier to transport

The papaya that grows as a result of high quality seeds has a stronger outer shell as compared to its other counterparts. A stronger outer shell offers an increased shelf life and they stay in just-out-of-farm condition for a longer period.

This feature enables their easy transport even to remote areas without compromising on their freshness. They can be transported to any place in India, including the metro cities. The stronger outer shell makes it easy to sell such papaya and consumers also prefer buying them owing to their freshness and longer shelf life

World’s Best quality

Our papaya varieties are the best in the world, we have sourced them from different parts of the world and from places which are known for high-yielding varieties of papaya.

All the stakeholders who are involved in its production, right from farmers, merchant and the end customer, all are satisfied by the produce and gains in the journey.

Strong Merchant Network

We provide guidance at every step, from buying seeds, saplings to how to grow and how to sell.

We have a fairly strong merchant network and we provide support to all our stakeholders, from farmers on how to grow papaya in the right manner to have maximum production to merchants, suppliers and all middle man on how they can sell our papaya, the right process.


Ecosynk offers two high quality variety of Papaya which you can grow in your farm and enjoy the growth of your business

Ice Berry

A red flush, flavorsome, and aromatic fruit that entices everyone who eats it, Iceberry is special because of its 'Whitish Green outer shell'. Its 13-15% Bricks level makes it delicious and sweet and its strong outer shell adds to its life and makes it easy to transport it from one destination to another.

The fruit weight is usually around 1.5 to 2.5 kg and comes in pointed blossom shape. The height of its plant is medium and yield average around 75kg/tree. It has an outstanding virus tolerance and fetches a higher market price due to its extraordinary taste.

Green berry

A thick red fleshed hybrid plant, Green Berry Papaya is a delicious papaya variety with tons of health benefits. It is available throughout the year and it has an extraordinary tolerance against PRSV, making it the best and the strongest papaya variety amongst several others. It has a longer life i.e 20-22 months and its production ranges between 75 and 80 Kgs per tree. Since it has a stronger outer shell, it is suitable for transportation and export.

A tasty and sumptuous fruit, this variety has 14-16% bricks with nice juicy texture and smooth fragrance. Its plants are medium in height and its steady stem enable large number of fruits.

The fruit that grows weighs between 700 gram and 1.5 kg, and is usually in uniform size with pointed blossom shape and good keeping capacity.

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mario lopez
CEO-Winkey Advertise & co.

"Rano is an awesome one page parallax effect page temple. I am happy to introduce it. Out Standing Work"

mario lopez
CEO-Winkey Advertise & co.


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