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Sunberry is our latest Papaya Variety it is Similar to "Red Lady 786" it is repid, high yeild, Plants begin to bear fruit at 60-80 cm height and have over 35-40 fruits per plant in each fruit-setting season. Fruits are short oblong on female plants and  long-shaped on bisexual plants, weighing about 1.5-2 kg. Flesh is vegorius, red, with 12.5% sugar content, and aromatic. Good for long transportation 



Iceberry is our "Star Product" very special Variety because of its 'Whitish Green outer shell' but red flush, flavorsome & excellent Aroma plus 15-16% Bricks level makes it delicious Strong outer shell makes it capable for long lasting keeping and long distance Transportation, fruit weight around 1.5 to 2.5 kg, pointed blossom shape Medium height tree, yield average around 75kg/tree.Outstanding virus tolerance, higher market price due to its extraordinary tasty fruit.

A Delicious, thick, red fleshed hybrid, extra ordinary virus tolerance, 10 time more powerful than any other papaya variety, long life production (around 20-22 month), high yielding papaya average around 75kg/tree.Greenberry fruit Strong outer shell (skin) suitable for long distance Transportation, 15-16% bricks with nice juicy texture and smooth fragrance makes it tastyPlants are medium in height, steady stem carry large number of fruitsFruit weight is ranging from 700 gram to 1.5 kg in uniform size with pointed blossom shape, good keeping capacity,

Green Berry / Rasberry


Disclaimer - Soil, climate, cultivation methods affect the crops. The varieties should be grown under suitable conditions; Results motioned in this brochure are not guaranteed nor implied for all growing conditions.